I am a Janeite to my core. I read, breathe, and live Austen.  Starting in high school, I named most of my pets after Jane Austen characters. My daughter is named Jane. When she was little, if you asked her what her name was, she’d say, “I’m baby Jane Austen.” When you point to the portrait of Jane Austen on my desk and ask her who that is, she still, at the age of 5, says, “That’s me. Jane Austen.” …Ok, ok, I may be creating some kind of serious confused identity situation that will cost me thousands in therapy down the line, but this is my kid and I get to mess her up however I choose. Ask Mrs. Bennet, she’ll back me up on this.

I am a lifetime member of JASNA (Jane Austen Society of North America), though I rarely have the time to make the meetings (sorry, guys! I’ll get there someday, I swear). I am an avid reader of Jane Austen’s Regency World, and my favorite summer reading is the spring issue of Persuasions.

I live in Swarthmore, PA with my wife, our two daughters, a Boston terrier, a cat, and two guinea pigs. I have written a time travel Jane Austen novel (because, YES, the world needs another one of those too), which I’m currently shopping around to various agents and publishers. The response is good; just gotta find that exact right fit. The Mr. Darcy of agents is out there and we will find one another some day.

I am also a creative writer in general, and to learn more about my non-Austen writings, you can visit my other site at AmyFosterMyer.com. I teach online in the graduate creative writing program at Southern New Hampshire University.

Thanks for reading. Now, go read some Austen.

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