By A Lady

I have some exciting news! My first book of fiction is coming out in July. It's a chapbook, which is a small volume often seen for shorter works and poetry. It's a collection of 11 flash fiction pieces (very short stories), but it's a real accomplishment. Warning: Shameless self-promotion to follow. If you'd like to... Continue Reading →

Bath Buns

  Hello Readers, Well, I’m back. As you may remember, the early arrival of my daughter and then the adjustments of life with two kids have meant I have taken a much longer sabbatical from this beloved space than I would have liked. Now that we’re living in the age of corona virus and life... Continue Reading →

Baby Bonanza in Regency Times

My recent attempts to delve into the life of Jane Austen and her contemporaries hit a setback recently when our daughter came 3 weeks early. As I noted above, I had intended to make my daughter a Regency-style dress and believed that a month should be enough time. Alas, after finding the pattern and preparing... Continue Reading →

Spotted Dick Revisited

I don't know about you, but I think the title of this post could be a really awesome name for an 80's big-hair coverband. Anyway...the suet finally arrived. From England. I hadn't realized I was going to be shipping shredded, dried beef fat across the globe to fulfill this culinary goal, and I'm a bit... Continue Reading →

Coming Soon – Spotted Dick

I hope Martha had a pleasant visit again, and that you and my mother could eat your beef-pudding. ~ Jane Austen, March 2, 1814 Puddings, in British parlance, are both a specific type of dish made by wrapping the ingredients in linen or placing them in a pan and boiling until baked (cooked, steamed -... Continue Reading →

The Journey Begins

I know what you're thinking..... Great, another Jane Austen website. Just what the internet needed. The seed for this project began a number of years ago when I had the awesomest idea in the world - to spend my 41st year in a Jane Austen pressure-cooker: only watching Jane Austen adaptations and documentaries, only reading Jane Austen... Continue Reading →

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