The Journey Begins

I know what you’re thinking…..

Great, another Jane Austen website. Just what the internet needed.

The seed for this project began a number of years ago when I had the awesomest idea in the world – to spend my 41st year in a Jane Austen pressure-cooker: only watching Jane Austen adaptations and documentaries, only reading Jane Austen works or books and magazines about her, cooking Georgian and Regency period recipes, and possibly…just possibly…making my very own Regency dress. When I told my wife (who has gamely put up with my Austening for years) to prepare herself for a year of only-Austen, you can imagine the response. Don’t worry, her eyes rolled back into place within a few days.

I’m getting started 4 years earlier than my projected date because I have finished my Jane Austen time travel novel, and I want to reach out to you, dear friends and fellow Janeites, and build my community.

So, this blog will be dedicated to understanding Jane Austen through the practices of her own life: cooking, sewing, gardening, religious practice, and yes, ample amounts of reading and writing. On this blog, I will share with you my journey into Austen as I attempt to understand this most beloved writer through the daily activities of her life. I will also share insights or trivia I learn as I deepen my own academic study of her.

Thanks for reading. If you have any ideas of what kinds of projects I should undertake, please leave me comments or contact me via the About section.

**For those not so fluent in Austenese, Austen died at the age of 41, a terrible terrible loss to us all.**




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