Wrapping up Sense & Sensibility

I have finished Sense & Sensibility. Everyone is happy and gay, including the undeserving Willoughby and Lucy Steele, as well as their rich and greedy relatives. Austen’s novels provide her main characters with a happy ending, but rarely do the bad characters experience a comeuppance…rather like real life.

I had intended to end this exploration of Austen’s first published novel with a look at how the courting rules, restrictions, and rituals play a central role to the development of conflict, but I am going to save that for a later post after I’ve read at least half the novels and can draw from a wider collection of relevant examples.

So, this post is brief, but I hope you’ll join me on the next for an exploration of inequality and poverty and some youtube videos which I think you’ll enjoy and which enlighten one as to the real existence of the majority of Georgian and Regency citizens.

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